A round sun A dot

Jul 2015

A round sun A dot


M Art Center is ready to present a new exhibition “A Round Sun A Dot”, which is the first solo show of Lingjie Wang and Jingfang Hao in China. The young couple is based in France and usually focuses their works on the nature. And nature is their starting point to explore the basic concept of “things” and the relationships with human. The close observation of the nature, also further study and development of the characteristics and the techniques of the materials have been wonderfully demonstrated through their works in space installation, paintings, videos and sculptures. The exhibition will be open at 3 p.m. on 11th July until 10th September.

The curator Hélène Doub once describes the artists and their works as “excellent alliance of contraries” (exaltante alliance des contraires). Sharing a background of engineering, the two artists, on one hand, are interested in western conceptual art, and strongly attracted and influenced by its ideology, which is a mix of intuition and reasoning. On the other, they have inherited the sensitive approach and poetic expression rooted in the concepts of “somethingness” and “nothingness” of Chinese philosophy. All these have made every piece of their works show a principal dialogue (un principe dialogique) between the two extremes, the reasoning perception and the accurate arrangement – it is conceptual, yet emotional; natural, beautiful and mysterious, but as complicated as science.

As for the theme of the exhibition, the artists give their explanation as follows: look down from high up in the air, us ourselves, our lives, the earth, even the sun are just like tiny dusts, like dots. As grains of sand on the beach, these dots have been washed smooth by the waves of time. We attempt to look for something subtle but glittering among them. Yet it is so indistinct that as if it has never existed.

Lingjie Wang and Jingfang Hao studied industrial design in their early years, and then went to France to study and practice contemporary art. They are currently based in France and Shanghai.

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