AD Style on Westbund Art and Design Exhibition

Sep 2015

AD Style on Westbund Art and Design Exhibition


The West Bund Art & Design fair is the first large-scale international art and design fair in China, and it has attracted top galleries from around the world. It took place at West Bund Art Center on the Xuhui Waterfront from 8–13 September 2015 and building on last year’s first year achievements, the aim is to propel contemporary visual art in China even further.

Co-organised by Shanghai West Bund Development Group Co., and the renowned artist Zhou Tiehai, the international fair West Bund Art & Design is the first of its type in China. The art fair designates West Bund Art Center, which was transformed from a workshop of the former Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, as its site. The Fair aims to create a second-to‐none art platform, hosting galleries, design agencies, existing and new collectors, and art lovers to enjoy art. The design component of the fair was held throughout the West Bund Cultural Corridor and included Atelier Deshaus, Archi-Union, Atelier Z+, Atelier GOM, One Design Inc., TM Studio and UNDEF/NE.

A background: The West Bund initiative is a cluster of five art centres and museums with two more on the way. It started with a five-year plan in 2010 to open 3,500 museums in China by 2015, but the mission was reached in just half the time. By 2012 there were already 3,866 museums in the country and naturally Shanghai, with its wealth of industrial buildings and developers eager to support culture as a marketing tool, were in the forefront. The West Bund area, once an industrial zone, includes a number of rehabilitated industrial structures, including a coal conveying platform (Long Museum West Bund), airplane hangars (West Bund Art Center and YUZ Museum) and giant oil tanks (The Oil Tank Art and Performance Center, planned to open in 2017) – all preserved to showcase the city’s cultural growth.

Walking around the fair, we found quite a lot of galleries that we recognise from Hong Kong, such as Pearl Lam Fine Arts Gallery, White Cube, Ben Brown Fine Arts & Platform China. However, we shall focus on, and show you some images from, some of the mainland galleries from Shanghai and Beijing at the fair.



在9月8日-13日的六天展期中,《安邸AD》携手施勇共同打造ART of LIVING“也是一种态度”收藏展。本次展览汇集艺术精英丁乙、王令杰+郝经芳、王兴伟、王思顺、贝歇尔夫妇、双飞小组、孙逊、老者步加希金、曲丰国、李明、刘月、何岸、陆垒、林科+杨俊岭、张恩利、郑焕、荒木经维、郭洪蔚、胡子、胡柳、赵洋、洪磊、徐震、柴一皿、索-勒维特、黄芳翎+金锋、蔡东东、廖国核等代表作品,诠释艺术品与家居之间的完美平衡。


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