Exist – Trace

Nov 2020

Exist – Trace

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With the advent of the digital age, people’s travel records, consumption records, and social platform life records are stored in the form of codes in a huge database, and everyone’s existence seems to be traceable.

Coexisting within the field of vision but outside the data, there are many things that exist but seldom leave traces. This exhibition invites the participation of four artists who, through their own creative methods, capture these blind spots of vision and present their “existence” in an artistic form.

If artwork is the carrier of memory, and architecture, as one of the traces left by human civilization, is an important symbol that carries the city’s memory, then the restoration and maintenance of ancient buildings by future generations is an endless artistic creation.

The exhibition “Exist – Trace” is honored to be held in such a restored ancient building, and discusses “existence” and “traces” around three parties: nature, architecture and social groups.

Curator: Yao Yao

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