Jiang Han Star Project: Climate

Jun 2014

Jiang Han Star Project: Climate


How will this art project, which is themed around climate and the associated changes, inspire people? On what will it cause them to reflect? Relying on their experiences with the weather in Wuhan, the young artists will do more than simply reproduce “weather;” they will actively involve themselves in it and create simulations within the confines of the museum. This exhibition is one that encourages audience participation and interaction with the works on display.

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(Trainee reporter Zheng Ruke correspondent Xia) ‘weather, can also become a kind of art.’ Yesterday, in the School of Philosophy, Wuhan University lecture hall, curator 唐克扬 for the students who brought the theme of ‘Climate: an art plan’ speech.

唐克扬 is an associate professor of Renmin University of China School of Art, Architecture School of Design at Harvard University, Dr. design profession, he is 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale curator of China Pavilion, Academic Director of the National Gallery of the new building project, he also will Museum of Fine Arts in Wuhan in June launched a ‘2014 Jianghan Stars Program – climate’ as curator.

‘Weather, some very adorable icon, is actually a visual art.’ Tangke Yang first familiar with the daily weather forecast, for example, to explain the possibility of climate as an art theme. Exhibition, introducing climate as Art theme, the artist is to make the public attention around things, concerned about their living space, open understanding of the climate(http://www.like-news.us/). ‘we take for granted, things that are familiar, many are complex, there is the weight.’

唐克扬 that want to do this exhibition in Wuhan, from the square to watch the film adaptation of the novel on the plane >> << Oath, film, Wuhan spicy character, dock breath ‘home in the Yangtze River,’ the heavy, ‘Climate change is inextricably linked.’
‘Wuhan is a climate-changing city,’ Tangke Yang said that such a city, both have ‘a feather,’ the story of the marketplace, we also have a drama. ‘Wuhan mood fluctuations obviously, there is a contradiction complicated. ‘

‘The topic of climate as an art, is a very interesting thing.’ In the afternoon, a writer and Tangke Yang Fang Fang climate topics, expand the right to talk about(Favorites News http://www.like-news.us/). Side side view, side soil support people, the climate is creating one of the important cultural environment One of the factors. ‘climate like literature, to each person’s experience is different, but always have something to say.’

Wuhan Art Museum Deputy Director Liu introduced Tangke Yang Museum of Fine Arts in Wuhan large lecture classes into one college series of activities, then also went into the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts activities, Huazhong University of Science and Universities.

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