I love you with my old heart

Je t’aime avec mon coeur ancien(I love you with my old heart)

variable dimension
handmade writing chalk with gold ore , acrylic paint

Erase / destroy is an important part of building, whether before or after in the process of creation.

The artist has made pastels from gold mine minerals sent by his father from her hometown: Zhao Yuan (招远), China. Gold – this symbolic metal of her city, the only yellow-colored metal, with its name in Latin: aurum, signifies the glow of the sunset, which already exists in the cosmic dust when the solar system was formed. While writing on the wall with her pastels, the artist tells stories of her childhood, fragments of thought, joys, and doubts, etc. Left far away from her homeland, she meets her reality with these stones in her memory.

What she is missing appears in the writing, then fall to the ground with the dust. However, people cannot go back to their homeland. She then repaints the wall in white, all the scriptures go away, hide, sink, once again, deep in her memory. There is nothing but dust and gold mineral remains, barely shines, one can only find a small trace in the title – I love you with my old heart. *

* by René François Sully Prudhomme, in his poem what lasts.


Transmergence #01
FRAC Alsace, Sélestat, France

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