Nature, mot-clé de Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG

sept 2018

Nature, mot-clé de Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG


本期唐妮诗画廊继续对话艺术家组合郝经芳 & 王令杰。
The conversation between Danysz gallery and the duo artists Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang continues.

Meng YU – Danysz gallery


You both studied engineering, why did you choose art later?

郝经芳 & 王令杰 Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang


The engineering study makes us be able to technically coordinate perception base on different sensory inputs. That helps us to predict how the views would perceive our works. Even, our works are sometimes considered technically meaningful, we still belive that they are conceptual. In other words, through technic, the sense gives us the paths to our perception, but what interests us the most is where they are leading us to.


Visually, the rainbows are just some coloful arcs. But these colors and shapes we see become meaningful only when they form a concept in our mind. A rainbow appearing in the sky of a no deserted land is just a phenomenon. A rainbow is only a rainbow after it was seen and understood by our mind.

Fiona CHEN – Danysz gallery


Do you have any other particular piece to introduce to us?

郝 & 王 Hao & Wang

与火烧云同样性质的颜料,我们用在了另一系列作品 ——《在万物运动的宇宙中画一条直线》上。它是在一个深色背景上,一个拖着尾巴的点,像一颗流星一样,极其缓慢地在天幕划过。通常观众一旦发现一个小点在慢慢运动,视线基本就舍不得离开它了。许多人在惊叹之余询问我们在技术上如何做到的。而我们也会问,大家在美丽的晚上,看到夜幕上一颗流星划过,也会问如何制作的么?

The same paint we used to make clouds, we applied it in another work Draw a Straight Line in a Universe Where Everything moves at All. It is on a dark background, a dot like a shooting star, slowly moving on the sky. Once people spot it, they usually can’t take their eyes off it. Being amazed by this artwork, many asked us how we made it. And we always ask as well, in a lovely evening, when we see a meteor flying through the sky, will or should we ask how it is made?



The exhibition allows viewers to appreciate our nature, such as clouds, rainbows, lakes and deserts. I found that your artworks are usually related to the nature. Is this your main concept?

郝 & 王 Hao & Wang


One’s philosophy is complicated. From his/her attitude towards nature, you can also peep into his/her attitude towards society, politics, and somehow life.



I believe that your work can make some visual and spiritual sparks for every viewer. Any preview you could share with us regarding future works?

郝 & 王 Hao & Wang


Thank you. We are both artists and the first audience of our works at the same time, we are also looking forward to the next work which can touch us. Recently, we have some exhibitions in Qing Art Space in Shanghai, AMUNA in Nanjing and Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing.

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