Art is Game

fév 2022

Art is Game


Art unloading…

The construction site exhibition hall is under construction…

The spell that it won’t rain tomorrow is being cast….

Yes, of course not « nothing »!

Of course there must be art!

A preview of the Art Center’s preview of No. 0 exhibition –
Let’s say it first:

The construction site exhibition is all open-air. Currently, the temperature is 2-6 degrees on February 23, and there is a probability of snow.

The construction site exhibition is completely exposed, that is to say, the ground is soil and stones, and it is not very flat anyway.

Please keep warm! The wind at the construction site is really strong! You must not catch a cold during this special period!

Please be careful! After all, this is a construction site! It’s normal to have a ditch and a ridge. Pay attention to your feet!

Such is the case…

Don’t wear high heels and air-cushioned shoes.

Well, hopefully we have succeeded in lowering your expectations and raising your curiosity.

But as long as you come, we will wait for the wind and snow.

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