déc 2021

« Reviewing the Past and Knowing ‘Core' »

With the theme of « Reviewing the Past and Knowing ‘Core' », this salon is divided into two major sections: Industry Salon and « Core Trace » Art Exhibition. Explore from a different perspective and activate infinite possibilities.

nov 2021

The Urban Adventure Spatial Art Exhibition

From November 26, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the « The Urban Adventure Spatial Art Exhibition » of the Shanghai-style Jinchao Art Season will be held in the commercial area of Lane 8, Jinchao, Hongkou District. The art exhibition brings together influential contemporary artists, architects, designers, science fiction writers, etc. at home and abroad, showing the past and present life of Shanghai Shikumen alleys, and creating an adventure experience in the city. One of the founders of the Memphis School, Anton Sibek, DAS, Lu Yi, etc., tailor-made works for « Today’s Tide 8 Lanes » directly tell the local and the present; Han Bo, Chen Qiufan, etc. created in the form of words , you can not only feel the passage of time, but also feel that the years are always new.

nov 2021



« On the road to freedom, every time I explore, I can always gain a little wisdom, which is the goal of my life, and art is only a tangible record of the exploration process. We are all small parts in the operation of all things, with different The way we record our unique journeys in the infinite world. What we absorb from the infinite world shapes our individuality. What we release is condensed into tangible expression.”
– Rockwell Kent

The artists participating in this exhibition each have an independent and clear creative language. Just as Duchamp mentioned that the artist’s thoughts, actions and sensibility are infinite movements in different fields in different times and in different ways. As individuals, the spiritual characteristics of these artists are connected to a series of records of artistic expression and creative practice; these records related to the artist’s state of mind are directly related to social life and the external world.

nov 2021

The BUND Invisible: The Grand Shanghailand Project


The BUND Invisible: The Grand Shanghailand Project is an urban design exhibition initiated by curator Zeng Weihao and co-curated by Hou Zhi and Huang Pei, aiming to respond to Shanghai with a global perspective The era proposition of public space development explores the possibility of future spatial forms on the Bund from the perspective of design and art, and stimulates the audience to think more deeply about urban renewal issues.

If the history and memory of the Bund have been « seen » by the present, then « unseen » is about the imagination of the future and a fable of design.

oct 2021


The 2021 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo will be grandly opened on October 13 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing. As one of the key activities of the 9th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season, this year’s Beijing Contemporary Art Fair presents an artistic scene for Beijing’s golden autumn, with National Cultural Investment as the guiding unit.

Adhering to the « curatoriality », « locality » and « publicity », the Beijing Contemporary Art Fair is committed to Beijing, which is the birthplace and gathering place of Chinese contemporary art, and deeply cultivates the profound artistic resources contained in it. At the same time, it focuses on the possibility of more development and cooperation within an international perspective and a wide range of business formats. The 2021 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair is the largest one so far. More than 90 exhibitors will gather at the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall in the golden autumn season to present the rich appearance and active ecology of contemporary art and culture in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner. People in the whole city create a rich cultural life scene, activate the local cultural consumption vitality and artistic development potential, and jointly create and celebrate this « Golden Autumn of Art, a Common Festival ». The site of this year’s Beijing Contemporary Art Fair is divided into six units: « Value », « Future », « Public Hope », « Numbers », « Energy » and « Time », which are sorted out and displayed from different perspectives and aspects. Art ecology based on Beijing and China.

oct 2021



The Cinéhaiku Association was conceived in 2016 among friends who wanted to unite their love of both short film and poetry, in particular haiku poetry. Cinéhaïku founder Clara Molloy said that idea of linking the two forms came after reading La Préparation du Roman by Roland Barthes, in which the author makes several references to haikus as the best form of interpreting the present.

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